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Last week in ManageIQ - Euwe stabilization

Bronagh here bringing you this week’s edition of Last Week in ManageIQ!

A milestone was met this week when we entered into the stabilization phase of the upcoming Euwe release. At this point we will concentrate on fixing bugs. If you would like to help out then take your pick from our open issues. Improved and Refreshed - take a look!

When ManageIQ was open sourced two years ago, the website was launched to support the project and its community. Many enhancements have been added over time to serve the needs of ManageIQ users and developers. However, as our community grows, some of the information on the site have become outdated or inadequate. We’ve also heard numerous requests and suggestions from you during this year’s events such as ManageIQ Design Summit and Red Hat Summit, and it’s evident that the website needed an overhaul.