Current stable release (Jansa-1)

Appliance Format Size MD5
Amazon AWS EC2 ec2 1.02 GB 0537e0df91b371fcf55684b1c368a50b
Docker docker NA NA
Google Cloud Platform gce 915 MB b2b26710ca177eacfcbf5795e54a3f1c
libvirt libvirt 1.04 GB 8b046d0d1154e3ea140a606057996eb8
Microsoft Azure azure 931 MB 976331a13c538de7a0189202a66993f6
Microsoft SCVMM hyperv 944 MB d6c174c3001a2e6e546943008e954d39
OpenStack openstack 1.04 GB 6c4bed1564bfd04f5eefcb99a887e0f2
oVirt ovirt 1.04 GB 2246a203bd74220131cb5e4a2de874ef
QEmu/KVM openstack 1.04 GB 6c4bed1564bfd04f5eefcb99a887e0f2
Red Hat Virtualization ovirt 1.04 GB 2246a203bd74220131cb5e4a2de874ef
Vagrant vagrant 973 MB 87b57971fb740f65e45ce3edfd0cf8a0
VMware vSphere vsphere 980 MB b3edc35af6bf410e77db03c7c88f5a0e

Nightly (developers only)

Warning: things may be unstable, stuff may break. If you’re looking for adventure, please proceed.

Appliance Format Size MD5
Amazon AWS EC2 ec2 1.02 GB 4874f03b9dc5ae8a94fd75730a436ee2
Docker docker NA NA
Google Cloud Platform gce 925 MB fa08a64a0d26476f8e71dad932f2a862
Kubernetes podified NA NA
libvirt libvirt 1.02 GB 52aaa1a848ac306949bd77d693a7c27c
Microsoft Azure azure 964 MB b0f5fb876f046c9b8a37fbef9bc5eff6
Microsoft SCVMM hyperv 935 MB 3253c41ec683648440db9a438be842fe
OpenShift podified NA NA
OpenStack openstack 1.01 GB a136a69b6c0b20495d7afbddfda0630e
oVirt ovirt 1.05 GB 89df0c1e51714bea2e6b334018cb5603
QEmu/KVM openstack 1.01 GB a136a69b6c0b20495d7afbddfda0630e
Red Hat Virtualization ovirt 1.05 GB 89df0c1e51714bea2e6b334018cb5603
Vagrant vagrant 979 MB aa4ce881f42ecdcf6fd0eeab6472f594
VMware vSphere vsphere 961 MB 8718182ed80af3d9a97a63ca40bbd32b

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Export Regulations

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