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Name of E Release

The results of the poll on the name of the E release are in. Max Euwe is the winner! Looking forward to all the exciting features that will come in the Euwe release!

Darga GA Release

ManageIQ is excited to announce the official release of Darga, named for Grandmaster Klaus Darga. Below are some of the many new features that are part of this release. For more detail see the changelog.

Let's translate ManageIQ together!

As we’re approaching the Darga release, we are adding translations for ManageIQ UI, and we need you to be part of the community translation effort!

Open Source License Change - April 2

When ManageIQ was open-sourced in June 2014, the project was carrying some bits that made it necessary to dual-license as GPL and Apache License. The intention was always to be single-licensed under the Apache license.