After a long and cold winter, we are thankful that spring is finally here! In some parts of the world, the cherry blossoms are spectacular. The birds are happily chirping. A Fine season (get it?) indeed is one that brings with it a glimmer of sunshine and all around goodness.

Did I just say a "Fine" season?? Well, that surely does ring a bell and a good segue to talk about our upcoming Fine Release at ManageIQ.

Intro-wise, my name is Aparna from the ManageIQ UI team. I am delighted at the opportunity to talk about the Fine Release as a team.

In case you did not know, we base our Release names after some of the really well known Chess Grandmasters. Chess Grandmasters, by definition, are the Crème De La Crème, and the “IQ” in ManageIQ, well, is all about the IQ. If we are who we associate with, then we surely are in exalted company.

The Chess Grandmaster name that we have chosen for our upcoming F-Release is The American Chess Grandmaster, Reuben Fine.

Now let’s take a look at some of the Finer details.

As Fine has been tailored mostly for the Ansible Provider, we had many Ansible related PRs. So, what is all this Fine-tuning really about? Well, it’s the BUGS! …Bugs of course.

Said bugs have been the focus nearly all of last week. In addition to the bug resolutions, there also are some refactorings and enhancements.

With the growing number of repositories being split, it’s practically impossible to cover all repositories in this article, So…

I’ll do my best to bring you some of the Fine highlights of the repositories that I monitor.

Some Fine ‘Finishing’ Touches

Some Fine ‘Spring-Cleaning’

We DO love our Spring-cleaning PRs. What say you Joe Rafaniello?

Some Fine ‘House-Keeping’

Other Noteworthy PRs

The Fine ‘Finesse’

Simplicity coupled with performance is what transforms the PR to the ‘Finesse’ level - With that in mind, thanks Šimon Lukašík for ManageIQ/manageiq#14712 & ManageIQ/manageiq#14721.

Globalizing Fine

Folks all around the world would appreciate Fine even more if it was localized in a language of their preference. We currently support Simplified Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Spanish just to name a few.

Thanks, Milan for taking the lead in this project and making the whole process so seamless to us.

In Closing…

This is an exciting time in the ManageIQ community as we rapidly approach the Fine Finish Line.

To summarize: As spring transforms the landscape and lifts our spirits, so do all of the Fine PRs that will make this the most memorable and impactful spring release! Thank you.