The Stuff Of Which Screams Are Made

A Lovecraftian Choose Your Own Adventure

It is with dreadful and complete certainty unwise, to be in any angle or curve of time, caught without a relationship between PersistentVolumes and Pods in this utterly hopeless world of aeon-long despair. And thus you find yourself, your current state that of an immense disquiet and foreboding on an abominable Tuesday, consumed by a great and terrible fear against the age the piecing together of heretofore mercifully separated knowledge shall shed light on such terrifying vistas of reality and of our feeble and frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light, flee into the surety and peace and safety of a new dark age. If you have tears, prepare to shed them now. Perhaps fixing errors in re-configuring services, making sure your documentation is spot-on, or even adding images for physical servers healthstates will be a bulwark against the cases of panic, mania, and eccentricity. Alas, you are not immune from such horrors, nay, you too are cursed to faintly glimpse the accidental piecing together of dissociated things, no matter how many Openstack settings you successfully move to their own repos.

It is in such a horrendous state that you find yourself, expected to go over the cleanup of storing mappings without the provider in some thoroughness. You have already been unpleasantly struck by some deeply unsettling vague remembrances of last night’s dream, of hounds and cubes and strange gigglers, and you fear that the images may portend some awful horrors that await you. If you determine that you’re greatly distracted by the infinite horrors and must take a break, hit pause and go here. If the dreams are so unnerving you cannot go into that dim chaos of ensuring grouped generic custom buttons can be invoked, or facing yet another time that firmware collection apis rears its supremely ugly head, consider reading the latest Oleg-sent email…

The rest of your party, of course, had already read the brief and satisfying bulletins of the latest goings-on in Ruby Weekly. The mountains of reviews assigned to you had wrought the usual horrifying havoc and so, not only do you have a blog post to read, you also have the Ruby Weekly to peruse. As human curiousity is undying, if you choose to read RW, go here. If you decide that you must break through all reticences at last, the safest route to avoid disaster is by confronting code. To do so, go here.