Hi! As you know, we’re all doing just Fine (pun intended) and I would like to discuss some of the details. So let’s get started.


Ruby 2.4 is available since last December and we would like to ensure compatibility with it. This is why our smartest minds are continuously working in the area. The goal is of course to be able to run on Rails 5.1 and use all of its nice features. In the meantime we decided that it would be nice get rid of the Gemfile.dev.rb, so Brandon made a PR that deprecates its usage.


Our charts-guy accidentally deleted a Capacity and Utilization charts under the Availability Zones, he was proven guilty and his punishment was to put it back where it was. There was also a missing ~person~ character in the CatalogController, but the ranger of the wild east found it quickly.


Úgy gondoljuk, hogy a többnyelvűség támogatása nagyon fontos, ezért folyamatosan dolgozunk ennek fejlesztésén. This messages was not written in English, because we are constantly working on the internationalization of the project. One step at the time: Chris created a set of scripts that you can use to download/upload translation resources from/to our translation server, Zanata.


There was some copy-pasted code on the topology screens that has been refactored and hundreds of lines of code disappeared in no time. Also in the topologies, there was a mixin included multiple times unnecessarily, until now.

Wrapping up

That’s all from me, but if you think it’s not enough feel free to check out the list of all our merged PRs.