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Botvinnik RC4 is Here

The fourth release candidate for Botvinnik is now available. Download from This is (hopefully) the final release candidate before going GA later this week. Stand by! If you have issues, please report them at GitHub.

UI login button fails after git pull

If you run git pull on your ManageIQ appliance to pull down updates, restart and find that you can’t login in the web UI as the buttons are unresponsive, it’s likely you’re running in production mode, some assets were added or changed and haven’t been precompiled.

Sprint 24 Report - June 3

Every three weeks, we discuss our sprint reports, and you can participate in this process.

ManageIQ Community Sprints - Now with Trello

If you’ve been participating in our sprint reports, you’ve no doubt found them to be an excellent way to stay apprised of feature progress in ManageIQ. I’m happy to announce that our community activities are now part of the 3-week sprints and included in the sprint reports.