So, another week, another LWIMIQ…

Backend side

On the backend side, 38 PRs were merged last week.

Chris has started looking into moving us to Rails 5.1, bumping rspec to 3.6. ( ManageIQ/manageiq#15046 )

Drew made it easier to write specs for code relying on the embedded ansible provider. ( ManageIQ/manageiq#15045 )

Simon was debugging yet another sporadic spec failure. ( ManageIQ/manageiq#14923 )

Libor made Middleware models and MiqRequest work with RBAC. ( ManageIQ/manageiq#15011, ManageIQ/manageiq-ui-classic#1214 )

UI side

On the UI (classic) side 34 PRs were merged last week.

Thanks to Yaacov, Containers now no longer use an explorer screen (the one with a tree on the left) and replaced it with a listnav, adding some default filters in the process. ( ManageIQ/manageiq#14893, ManageIQ/manageiq-ui-classic#1204 )

Speaking of listnavs, Gabriel also added a listnav to the Physical Server screen, for the new physical infrastructure. Not stopping there, he also added a textual summary link to those, list of groups and a toolbar. ( ManageIQ/manageiq-ui-classic#1195, ManageIQ/manageiq-ui-classic#1322, ManageIQ/manageiq-ui-classic#1299, ManageIQ/manageiq-ui-classic#1294 )

Physical servers were rather popular last week it seems, since Maysa was also working there, adding a hardware info display in the detail screen, and Charlie has added network data to the same screen. ( ManageIQ/manageiq-ui-classic#1272, ManageIQ/manageiq-ui-classic#1276 )

Aparna fixed Ansible credentials password handling when editing. ( ManageIQ/manageiq-ui-classic#1227 )

Eric made PDFs work again after the UI split. ( ManageIQ/manageiq-ui-classic#1332, ManageIQ/manageiq#14793 )

Zita made it possible for container dashboards to display flash messages. ( ManageIQ/manageiq-ui-classic#1312 )

And Martin did a toolbar cleanup, we no longer have to show/hide the toolbar manually from the UI code, the toolbar now autohides when no toolbars are present, and shows up when some are. ( ManageIQ/manageiq-ui-classic#1239 )

We also had a bunch of students from Mendel University in Brno convert some Angular controllers to controllerAs, as part of their Software Engineering course, thanks! :) ( ManageIQ/manageiq-ui-classic#740, ManageIQ/manageiq-ui-classic#719, ManageIQ/manageiq-ui-classic#718 )

There’s also 19 PRs merged in ui-service, looks like this week was all about specs :).

Provider side

The list of providers taken out of the main repo has grown to 9, which is too many to cover, but feel free to take a peek:

Wrapping up

See? Just words.