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Announcing Kasparov Beta, Jansa-3, and Ivanchuk-8

ManageIQ Kasparov-1-Beta1.1, Jansa-3, and Ivanchuk-8 are now available. These releases include security fixes. Many thanks goes to Dávid Halász (@skateman) and the team for finding and fixing these vulnerabilities. Also, many thanks go to all of the contributors for all of their enhancements and bug fixes.

Announcing Kasparov Alpha Release

The first alpha release of ManageIQ Kasparov is here! It has a bunch of interesting new stuff that you can see in the roadmap. Here are the major highlights for this new release:

Announcing Jansa-2

ManageIQ Jansa-2 is now available. This release is primarily a stabilization release and contains a number of bug fixes and performance fixes.

Announcing Ivanchuk-7 and Jansa-1 RC2

ManageIQ Ivanchuk-7 and Jansa-1 RC2 are now available. These releases are primarily security fix releases, after extensive security testing. Many thanks goes to the IBM Security team for finding and reporting these vulnerabilities.