On behalf of the ManageIQ team, we’re pleased to announce the Beta 2 release for ManageIQ Fine! You can download the Fine Beta 2 Release here.

Fine is the next milestone release for ManageIQ cloud and virtualization management platform. With each release, ManageIQ gets more robust and feature complete across providers. In this release, a lot of attention was given to performance and fixes.

  • Automate: Enforce policies type to be either “compliance” or “control”.
  • Platform: Include embedded ansible logs in log collection.
  • Providers: Physical Infrastructure: Add Physical Infra Topology feature.
  • Performance: Optimize number of transactions sent in refresh.
  • Fixed: Ensure google managers change zone and provider region with cloud manager.

If you want to hear about features, improvements, and fixes directly from the developers, check out the Last Week in ManageIQ blog posts.

Take a look at the changelog for more details.

If you encounter any issues/bugs, please report them on GitHub. You can also join our discussion forum if you have questions or need more support. Remember to use the “Support” category.