Get Started with ManageIQ

If you are new to ManageIQ, read this first to get an overview of the concepts, and try ManageIQ easily with walkthroughs to configure, add a provider, and provision your first instance.

User Reference

Get a more in-depth look at the usage of ManageIQ, with installation instructions for different environments, and details on how to administer, authenticate, and integrate with the ManageIQ management engine.

ManageIQ Automation Book

The Automate feature in ManageIQ is a huge topic in itself, so Peter McGowan wrote a book on it. This tutorial style book will guide you through the steps of doing something in automate, with a lot of code samples.

API Docs

In this guide you will find a detailed overview of REST API, reference material, appendices, and plenty of examples. The guides provide information on how to integrate ManageIQ with external applications. It details the specification of the ManageIQ REST API, which is implemented as standard REST HTTP requests and responses of content type JSON.

Developer Guides

Interested in developing ManageIQ and extending its features? With this set of documentation, you will set up your development environment, learn about the architecture, coding styles and standards to get you contributing in no time!