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Announcing Hammer Beta Release

On behalf of the ManageIQ team, we’re pleased to announce the Beta release for ManageIQ Hammer! You can download the Hammer Beta Release here

Mastering Automation Addendum for CloudForms 4.6

We cannot be more excited!!! Peter just finished work on an addendum to the ‘Mastering Automation’ book, to bring it up to date with some of the great new automate features in CloudForms 4.5 & 4.6.

Last Month in ManageIQ: APTLMiMIQ

“My name is Ilnarin,” the proud dwarf announced, “daughter of Raszaka, daughter of Ellina, daughter of Almyara, heir to the kingdom of Vik-Huzth, Queen of the Neither-Under-Nor-Over-Folk, ring-carrier, dragon-slayer, M.D., Rt Hon.”

Announcing Gaprindashvili-5

We’ve just built Gaprindashvili-5. This release contains security and bug fixes, UI tweaks, and stabilization. Here are just a few of the things added since Gaprindashvili-4 release:

Managing CloudForms (and ManageIQ) appliances

Whether you operate a single standalone CloudForms appliance or multiple multizone regions geographically dispersed with a global master region, effective management makes all the difference.