There is a ManageIQ Sprint review every 3 weeks, and everyone in the community is welcome to participate. To join our Sprint review meeting, please use this Bluejeans link.

In this week’s review of Sprint 38, we have some visible changes such as a brand new “Networking” tab for the new cloud networking provider type, as well as a new Container Builds tab. Under the hood, we have merged the Configuration revamp which now supports settings deployment via Chef/Ansible/Puppet, amongst many other enhancements.

Demos in this review include Middleware Hawkular, SAML authentication, and Custom Buttons that use Dialogs in the Self Service UI. The full meeting is recorded in the following video.

If you’d like to check out a particular section of the review meeting, here are the respective timestamps:

  • Sprint Statistics (O. Barenboim) - 0:51
  • Providers (G. Blomquist) - 4:32
  • Configuration (J. Frey) - 15:47
  • Appliance Core (G. Tanzillo) - 22:40
  • Appliance Core - Authentication (A. Bellotti) - 30:36
  • REST API (A. Bellotti) - 39:08
  • User Interface (D. Clarizio) - 41:18
  • SmartState (R. Oliveri) - 49:06
  • Automate/Service/Ansible (G. McCullough) - 53:02
  • Discussion - 58:06

Have a look at the corresponding slides for Sprint 38 review. The Changelog will be updated shortly.

Looking forward, the next sprint (Sprint 39) will be the last sprint for ManageIQ Darga feature completion before we branch Darga for stabilization. We anticipate more bug fixes in future sprints (40 onwards).

Sprint 39 review will be on April 20, 2016 @ 7:30am PDT/10:30am EDT/14:30 GMT. Import the ManageIQ community calendar to be notified about this and future Sprint reviews.