The first alpha release of ManageIQ Kasparov is here! It has a bunch of interesting new stuff that you can see in the roadmap. Here are the major highlights for this new release:

  • [Providers] 5 new provider plugins
    • IBM Cloud Virtual Private Cloud
    • IBM Cloud Power Virtual Servers
    • IBM Terraform
    • IBM AutoSDE
    • VMware NSX-T
  • [Providers] Provider label to tag mapping - Expansion of the tag mapping feature to all providers.
  • [VMware Provider] Add Ability to Provision VMware VMs via Content Library (vCenter 6+)
  • [UI] Apply Carbon Styling to header, navbars and menus
  • [Core] Support for PostgreSQL 12

Since this is an alpha release, we do expect some period of stabilization before we release the GA version. Please try it and let us know of any issues you encounter to help us squash any remaining bugs.

You can download the Kasparov Alpha (kasparov-1-alpha1) release here.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this new release!

For questions or support, join in on the talk page.

Thanks, @Fryguy