ManageIQ Jansa-2 is now available. This release is primarily a stabilization release and contains a number of bug fixes and performance fixes.

Some notable changes since Jansa-1 include:


  • [Podified] Gracefully handle pod monitor exceptions [#20695]
  • [Ansible::Runner] wait on artifacts/ to exist [#20670]
  • [EmbeddedAnsible] Fix edit credentials [#20524]
  • [Amazon Provider] Keep the parent manager’s tenant_id in sync with its child managers [#652]
  • [oVirt Provider] Sync the tenant_id when creating a NetworkManager [#524]
  • [VMware Provider] Fix host reconnect [#650]
  • [VMware Provider] Fix missing storages_vms_and_templates records [#635]
  • [VMware Provider] Collect customization_specs [#614]
  • [UI] Correctly render multi-tags in request details dialog [#7419]
  • [UI] Fix issue during return from Set Ownership Screen to summary page of Service [#7316]
  • [UI] Allow to display templates set ownership screen [#7276]


  • [Build] Add RPM repo manifest [#293]
  • [VMware Provider] Collect and parse the guest ipStack dns/route info [#591]

You can download the Jansa-2 release here.

Here are the changes (since Jansa-1) per affected repository in GitHub:

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