Event Streams

Querying of Event Streams is made available via the following collection:


Event Streams can be queried as follows:

GET /api/event_streams

An individual Event Stream can also be fetched as follows:

GET /api/event_streams/:id

Relevant filter[] parameters when Event Streams are queried:

Parameter Examples
event_type event_type=vm_start, event_type=vm_stop
timestamp timestamp>2017-01-03, timestamp<2017-12-31
target_type target_type=VmOrTemplate
target_id target_id=11

Filtering by event type

GET /api/event_streams?filter[]=event_type=vm_start

Filtering by timestamp

GET /api/event_streams?filter[]=timestamp>2017-01-03

Filtering by target type

GET /api/event_streams?filter[]=target_type=VmOrTemplate

Filtering by target type and id

GET /api/event_streams?filter[]=target_type=VmOrTemplate