This document presents the currently available features and capabilities of the REST API.


Type Mechanism
Basic Authentication Basic HTTP Authorization with user and password
Token Based Authentication  
- Acquiring Token /api/auth with Basic Authentication
- Authenticating with Token X-Auth-Token Header

HTTP Headers

Header Value
Authorization Basic base64_encoded(user:password)
X-Auth-Token Token provided by /api/auth
X-MIQ-Group Group to authorize externally authenticated user
Accept application/json
Content-Type application/json

Listing and Querying Collections and Sub-Collections

Feature Path
Listing Available Collections /api
Listing Collections /api/<collection>
Listing Sub-Collections /api/<collection>/<id>/<sub-collection>
Querying Capability Query Parameters  
Paging offset, limit  
Sorting sort_by=attr, sort_order=asc desc
  Can sort by database columns and SQL friendly virtual attributes  
Filtering filter[]=…​  
Querying by Tag i.e. by_tag=/department/finance  
Querying by Multiple Tags i.e. by_tag=/department/finance,/department/engineering  
Expanding Results expand=<what>, i.e. expand=resources,tags,service_templates,…​  
Selecting Attributes attributes=<attr1>,<attr2>,…​ i.e. attributes=id,name,type,…​  
  Attributes can be:  
  Database columns  
  Virtual attributes  

Example Queries

Collection Queries:

For a complete list of supported primary collections please refer to the Primary Collections

Sub-Collection Queries

When applicable, the following subcollections are available:

Sub-Collection URL
Tagging /api/<collection>/:id/tags
Policies /api/<collection>/:id/policies
Policy Profiles /api/<collection>/:id/policy_profiles
Service Requests /api/service_templates/:id/service_requests
Request Tasks  
Request Tasks can also be accessed via the tasks alias