Cloud Volumes

Management of Cloud Volumes is provided via the following collection:


The following actions are available on cloud_volumes:

Querying Cloud Volumes

Querying all cloud volumes in the system is simply:

GET /api/cloud_volumes

And getting details of a specific Cloud Volume is as follows:

GET /api/cloud_volumes/:id

Deleting Cloud Volumes

Cloud Volumes can be deleted via either the delete POST action or via the DELETE HTTP method.

POST /api/cloud_volumes/101
  "action" : "delete"

or simply:

DELETE /api/cloud_volumes/101

Deleting multiple Cloud Volumes can be done as follows:

POST /api/cloud_volumes
  "action" : "delete",
  "resources" : [
    { "href" : "http://localhost:3000/api/cloud_volumes/101" },
    { "href" : "http://localhost:3000/api/cloud_volumes/102" },