The following tables shows the currently available primary collections accessible via:

GET /api/:collection

Where :collection is one of the following:

Collection Description
actions Actions
alert_definition_profiles Alert Definition Profiles
alert_definitions Alert Definitions
alerts Alerts
auth_key_pairs Auth Key Pairs
authentications Authentications
automate Automate Model
automate_classes Automate Classes
automate_domains Automate Domains
automate_workspaces Automate Workspaces
automation_requests Automation Requests
availability_zones Availability Zones
categories Categories
chargebacks Chargebacks
cloud_networks Cloud Networks
cloud_object_store_containers Cloud Object Store Containers
cloud_subnets Cloud Subnets
cloud_templates Cloud Templates
cloud_tenants Cloud Tenants
cloud_volume_types Cloud Volume Types
cloud_volumes Cloud Volumes
clusters Clusters
conditions Conditions
configuration_profiles Configuration Profiles
configuration_script_payloads Configuration Script Payloads
configuration_script_sources Configuration Script Source
configuration_scripts Configuration Scripts
configured_systems Configured Systems
container_groups Container Groups
container_images Container Images
container_nodes Container Nodes
container_projects Container Projects
container_templates Container Templates
container_volumes Container Volumes
containers Containers
conversion_hosts Conversion Hosts
currencies Currencies
custom_button_sets Custom Button Sets
custom_buttons Custom Buttons
customization_scripts Customization Scripts
customization_templates Customization Templates
data_stores Datastores
enterprises Enterprises
event_streams Event Streams
events Events
features Product Features
firmware_registries Firmware Registries
firmwares Firmwares
flavors Flavors
floating_ips Floating IPs
generic_object_definitions Generic Object Definitions
generic_objects Generic Objects
groups Groups
guest_devices Guest Devices
hosts Hosts
instances Instances
lans Lans
load_balancers Load Balancers
measures Measures
metric_rollups Metric Rollups
network_routers Network Routers
notifications User’s past notifications
orchestration_stacks Orchestration Stacks
orchestration_templates Orchestration Template
physical_chassis Physical Chassis
physical_racks Physical Racks
physical_servers Physical Servers
physical_storages Physical Storages
physical_switches Physical Switches
pictures Pictures
policies Policies
policy_actions Actions
policy_profiles Policy Profiles
providers Providers
provision_dialogs Provisioning Dialogs
provision_requests Provision Requests
pxe_images PXE Images
pxe_menus PXE Menus
pxe_servers PXE Servers
rates Chargeback Rates
regions Regions
reports Reports
request_tasks Request Tasks
requests Requests
resource_pools Resource Pools
results Report Results
roles Roles
search_filters Search Filters
security_groups Security Groups
servers EVM Servers
service_catalogs Service Catalogs
service_dialogs Service Dialogs
service_offerings Service Offerings
service_orders Service Orders
service_parameters_sets Service Parameters Sets
service_requests Service Requests
service_templates Service Templates
services Services
settings Settings
switches Switches
tags Tags
tasks Tasks
templates Templates
tenant_groups Tenant Groups
tenants Tenants
transformation_mappings Transformation Mappings
users Users
vms Virtual Machines
widgets Miq Widgets
zones Zones