Provision Request Supported Attributes

Attribute Class Provision Request Attribute Group
Requester Attributes requester
Custom Attributes vm_fields
Service Catalog Attributes vm_fields
Schedule Attributes vm_fields
Network Attributes vm_fields
Hardware Attributes vm_fields
Environment Attributes additional_values

Requester Attributes

Attribute Type Description
owner_phone string Phone
owner_country string Country/Region
owner_phone_mobile string Mobile phone
owner_title string Title
owner_first_name string First name
owner_manager string Manager name
owner_address string Address
owner_company string Company
owner_last_name string Last name
owner_manager_email string Manager e-mail address
owner_city string City
owner_department string Department
owner_load_ldap button Look up LDAP e-mail address
owner_manager_phone string Manager phone
owner_state string State
owner_office string Office
owner_zip string Zip code
owner_email string E-Mail
request_notes string Notes

Custom Attributes

Attribute Type Description Values Default
dns_servers string DNS server list    
sysprep_organization string Organization    
sysprep_password string New Administrator Password    
sysprep_custom_spec string Name    
sysprep_server_license_mode string Identification perServer, perSeat  
ldap_ous string LDAP Group    
sysprep_timezone string Timezone    
dns_suffixes string DNS Suffix list    
sysprep_product_id string ProductID    
sysprep_identification string Identification domain, workgroup  
sysprep_per_server_max_connections string Maximum Connections   5
sysprep_computer_name string Computer Name    
sysprep_workgroup_name string Workgroup Name   WORKGROUP
sysprep_spec_override boolean Override Specification   false
addr_mode string Address Mode static, dhcp dhcp
linux_host_name string Computer Name    
sysprep_domain_admin string Domain Admin    
sysprep_change_sid boolean Change SID   true
sysprep_domain_name string Domain Name    
sysprep_upload_file string Upload    
gateway string Gateway    
ip_addr string IP Address    
linux_domain_name string Domain Name    
sysprep_domain_password string Domain Password    
sysprep_auto_logon boolean Auto Logon   true
sysprep_enabled string Customize   disabled
sysprep_delete_accounts boolean Delete Accounts   false
sysprep_upload_text string Sysprep Text    
wins_servers string WINS Server list    
subnet_mask string Subnet Mask    
sysprep_full_name string Full Name    
sysprep_auto_logon_count integer Auto Logon Count 1, 2, 3 1
customization_template_id integer Script Name    
root_password string Root Password    
hostname string Host Name    
customization_template_script string Script Text    

Service Catalog Attributes

Attribute Type Description Default
number_of_vms integer Count. Max: 50 1
vm_description string VM Description. Max length: 100  
vm_prefix string VM Name Prefix/Suffix  
src_vm_id integer Name  
vm_name string VM Name  
pxe_image_id string Image  
pxe_server_id integer Server  
host_name string Host Name  
provision_type string Provision Type vmware
linked_clone boolean Linked Clone false
snapshot string Snapshot  
vm_filter integer Filter  

Schedule Attributes

Attribute Type Description Values Default
schedule_type string When to Provision schedule, immediately (On Approval) immediately
vm_auto_start boolean Power on virtual machines after creation   true
schedule_time time Time to Provision on    
retirement integer Time until Retirement 0 (Indefinite), 1.month, 3.months, 6.months 0
retirement_warn integer Retirement Warning 1.week, 2.weeks, 30.days 1.week

Network Attributes

Attribute Type Description
vlan string vLan
mac_address string MAC Address

Hardware Attributes

Attribute Type Description Values Default
disk_format string Disk Format thick, thin, unchanged unchanged
cpu_limit integer CPU (MHz)    
memory_limit integer Memory (MB)    
number_of_sockets integer Number of Sockets 1, 2, 4, 8 1
cores_per_socket integer Cores per Socket 1, 2, 4, 8 1
cpu_reserve integer CPU (MHz)    
vm_memory string Memory (MB) 1024, 2048, 4096 1024
memory_reserve integer Memory (MB)    
network_adapters integer Network Adapters 1, 2, 3, 4 1

Environment Attributes

These attributes cannot be passed directly. To use these attributes, provide them in the additional_values attribute group and have customization methods use them and modify the request accordingly.

Attribute Type Description Values Default
new_datastore_grow_increment integer Grow Increment (GB)    
new_datastore_create boolean Create Datastore   false
placement_cluster_name integer Name    
new_datastore_aggregate string Aggregate    
new_datastore_max_size integer Max Size (GB)    
new_datastore_storage_controller string Controller    
cluster_filter integer Filter    
host_filter integer Filter    
ds_filter integer Filter    
new_datastore_volume string Volume    
placement_host_name integer Name    
placement_ds_name integer Name    
new_datastore_fs_type string FS Type NFS, VMFS NFS
rp_filter integer Filter    
new_datastore_thin_provision string Thin Provision    
placement_auto boolean Choose Automatically   false
new_datastore_size integer Size (GB)    
new_datastore_autogrow string Autogrow   false
placement_folder_name integer Name    
new_datastore_name string Name    
placement_rp_name integer Name    
placement_dc_name integer Name