Oracle Kubernetes Engine (OKE) Container Provider

After initial installation and creation of a ManageIQ environment you can add an Oracle Kubernetes Engine Container provider.

  1. Browse to menu: Compute > Containers > Providers.

  2. Click Configuration, then click Add a New Containers Provider (Add a New Containers Provider).

  3. From the Type list, select Oracle Kubernetes Engine.

  4. Enter a Name for the provider.

  5. Enter the appropriate Zone for the provider. If you do not specify a zone, it is set to default.

  6. Select the provider region where your Oracle Kubernetes Cluster is located

  7. Next you will need to gather your Oracle Tenant ID from, and use the Copy link to fetch your tenant OCID.

  8. Now you need to enter the Cluster ID of your OKE cluster. This can be found on the Cluster Details tab on your cluster’s dashboard at Cluster Id. Use the Copy link to copy this ID.

  9. In the Default tab, configure the following for the OKE provider:

    1. Select a Security Protocol method to specify how to authenticate the provider:

      • SSL: Authenticate the provider securely using a trusted Certificate Authority. Select this option if the provider has a valid SSL certificate and it is signed by a trusted Certificate Authority. No further configuration is required for this option.

      • SSL trusting custom CA: Authenticate the provider with a self-signed certificate. For this option, copy your provider’s CA certificate to the Trusted CA Certificates box in PEM format.

      • SSL without validation: Authenticate the provider insecurely (not recommended).

    2. Enter the Hostname of the cluster, you can obtain this from the Cluster Details page at Kubernetes API Public Endpoint

    3. Enter the API Port of the cluster. The default port is 6443.

    4. Enter the Oracle User ID for the user that you want ManageIQ to use to access your account. You can get this from the Profile dropdown and clicking on your username. Then use the Copy link to copy the OCID for your user.

    5. Next copy and paste the public key for your user’s Auth Token. If you do not have one yet you can create an Auth Token by going to your user profile and selecting Auth Tokens under Resources and select the Generate Token button.

    6. Now copy and paste your private key from the same auth token.

    7. Click Validate to confirm that ManageIQ can connect to the Oracle Kubernetes Engine provider.

  10. Click Add.