OpenStack Block Storage Managers

The OpenStack Block Storage service (openstack-cinder) provides and manages persistent block storage resources that OpenStack infrastructure instances can consume.

To use OpenStack Block Storage as a storage manager, you must first add an OpenStack cloud provider to your ManageIQ appliance and enable events. The Block Storage service will be automatically discovered by ManageIQ and added to the Storage Managers list in ManageIQ. See Adding OpenStack Providers for instructions on adding a cloud provider and enabling events.

OpenStack Block Storage Manager Targeted Refresh

ManageIQ supports targeted refresh of OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder) volumes. This functionality automatically pulls down new inventory data for an object when ManageIQ receives an event from the OpenStack provider. For example, if ManageIQ receives a volume.update.end event from Cinder, instead of refreshing the entire inventory, it performs a targeted refresh of the volume referenced in the event.

Viewing a Cinder Manager’s Timeline

In ManageIQ, view events for a Cinder storage manager by following these steps:

  1. Browse to menu: Storage > Storage Managers.

  2. Select your OpenStack Cinder manager to go to the Cinder manager’s summary page.

  3. Click Monitoring (Monitoring), and then Timelines (Timelines) to view the events timeline for the manager.

  4. A timeline of either management events or policy events can be viewed.

    1. To view management events, select Management Events.

    2. Specify the type of event to view.

    3. Specify the timeline for the events to view.

    4. Click Apply.

  5. To view policy events, select Policy Events.

    1. Specify if you want to view successful events, failed events, or both.

    2. Specify the timeline for the events to view.

    3. Click Apply.