Oracle Cloud Providers

Adding an Oracle Cloud Provider

Complete the following procedure to add an Oracle Cloud provider in ManageIQ.

  1. Browse to menu: Compute > Clouds > Providers.

  2. Click Configuration, then click 1862 Add a New Cloud Provider.

  3. From the Type list, select Oracle Cloud.

  4. Enter a Name for the provider.
  5. Select the appropriate Zone.
  6. Select the appropriate Region.
  7. Enter your Tenant ID from, Copy the OCID on the Tenancy Information tab

  8. Under Endpoint

    1. Enter your User ID. You can use your primary user or create a new user with Administrator permissions. Once you have your user Copy the OCID and paste it into the User ID field.

    2. Next you must create an API Key for the user that you have chosen to use. From the user’s details page under Resources select API Keys and Add API Key.

    3. Now select Generate API Key Pair and download the public key and private key

    4. Copy and paste the content of these downloaded keys into the Private Key and Public Key forms respectively

  9. Click Validate to validate the credentials.

    Note: The connection uses port 443. Make sure the port 443 is opened on any firewalls.

  10. Click Add.