Last year has been pretty exciting and eventful for ManageIQ! If you’re new to the community, or if you just want a refresher, let me be your guide and summarize the cool progress we made throughout 2016.



Top content

While it’s interesting to see which content have been popular over the past year, do check out and follow us on SlideShare/YouTube etc. for updates and discover hidden gems, and join the discussions on the Talk forum!

Website and more

  • Redesigned website, a fruitful collaboration between engineering, design, marketing and IT
  • Open Source License Change from dual-license GPL and Apache to single Apache license
  • Contributed article to building awareness for the project
  • Consistent increase in ManageIQ site traffic and engagement metrics, > 60% increase in github and forum activities, > 30% increase in social channels from a year ago

Thanks for all your participation and contributions in 2016. There’s more to look forward to in 2017. Stay tuned!