When ManageIQ was open sourced two years ago, the manageiq.org website was launched to support the project and its community. Many enhancements have been added over time to serve the needs of ManageIQ users and developers. However, as our community grows, some of the information on the site have become outdated or inadequate. We’ve also heard numerous requests and suggestions from you during this year’s events such as ManageIQ Design Summit and Red Hat Summit, and it’s evident that the website needed an overhaul.

So for the past couple of months, a group of us have been working diligently to renew the experience for manageiq.org. Some of you may have already sneaked a peek during the Sprint reviews, or even reviewed the beta version of the new site. We’ve made more changes with the last round of comments and we’re proud to present the refreshed and improved ManageIQ.org!

The goals of the new website is to make it easier for first time users of ManageIQ to get started, for seasoned users to locate the additional information they are looking for, as well as for developers to contribute and extend ManageIQ and its functionalities. The redesign of visuals and user interaction pulls the updated content together to provide an overall enhanced experience for all visitors.

Front page

The first thing you will notice when you visit the new ManageIQ.org is the triad of options for getting started with ManageIQ. This is to provide a quick and easy way to take ManageIQ for a spin and experience the power of the platform without having to think about the complexities beneath. You will also get an overview of the highlights and features of the ManageIQ management engine.


There is a wealth of information and documentation on ManageIQ, from walkthroughs with screenshots for first time users to in-depth automation with code samples. Whether you’re interested in the usage or development of ManageIQ, the improved layout and organization of docs will guide you to what you need.


The new download page allows you to see the available appliance downloads at a glance, along with their formats and approximate sizes. We have recently introduced a Vagrant image to run ManageIQ in a Vagrant box.


Even with all available content at your fingertips, we understand the need to reach out to others for support and camaraderie. Here you’ll find the various ways to connect, discuss, develop and collaborate with the ManageIQ community, online or in person!


A great way to keep abreast of the fast-paced developments and exciting happenings in ManageIQ and its community is to follow and subscribe to our blog. In addition, we have simplified the categories of posts so you can check out related post series such as Last Week in ManageIQ, Sprint Reviews, events, announcements, software releases and collaboration/participation.

The release of this new website is by no means the end of the work we’re putting into it. We have a list of refinements we are still working on to make it even better. All of you are encouraged to report issues you encounter while navigating the site. So if you haven’t already, head to ManageIQ.org now and take a look!