Google Compute Engine Providers

Adding Google Compute Engine Providers

After initial installation and creation of a ManageIQ environment, add a Google Compute Engine provider by following this procedure.


To add a Google Compute Engine provider to ManageIQ, you need:

  • A Google Cloud Platform account

  • A Google Compute Engine project with the Google Compute Engine API enabled

  • A service account JSON key for your project


    You can generate a private JSON key for your project in IAM & Admin > Service Accounts in Google Cloud Platform. This key is used to authenticate against your provider.

    For additional information, see the Google Cloud Platform documentation.

  1. Browse to menu: Compute > Clouds > Providers.

  2. Click Configuration, then click 1862 (Add a New Cloud Provider).

  3. Enter a Name for the provider.

  4. From the Type list, select Google Compute Engine.

  5. Select your Preferred Region from the list.

  6. Enter your Google Compute Engine Project ID for Project.

  7. Select the appropriate Zone if you have more than one available. Red Hat recommends creating a new zone for your Google Compute Engine provider.

  8. Copy your project’s Service Account JSON key contents to the Service Account JSON field.

  9. Click Validate to validate the credentials.

  10. Click Add.


Make sure that NTP synchronization is enabled and working. When clocks are not synchronized, the following error will be raised:

Credential validation was not successful: Authorization failed. Server message: { "error" : "invalid_grant", "error_description" : "Invalid JWT: Token must be a short-lived token and in a reasonable timeframe" }

Enabling Google Compute Engine Events

After adding Google Compute Engine as a provider in ManageIQ, enable events for the provider so that you can monitor the system from ManageIQ.

Events are set up on a per-project basis by using Google Stackdriver logging combined with Google Pub/Sub. Stackdriver logging is a service that aggregates and exposes log events from Google services and applications. Stackdriver exports the log events to Google Pub/Sub, a messaging service. This section describes how to export activity log entries for a Google Compute Engine project so that events are captured in ManageIQ.

  • You must have owner permission on the project you are exporting.

  • The Google Cloud Pub/Sub API must be enabled for your project. To enable the API:

  1. In Google Cloud Platform, select your project from the top menu bar.

  2. Click gce products services to show the Products and Services menu. Click API Manager to go to https://console.cloud.google.com/apis/library/.

  3. In the API Manager Overview tab, search for Pub/Sub in the Google APIs search bar and select Google Cloud Pub/Sub API from the results. Click the Enable button.

  4. If Google Cloud Pub/Sub API is already enabled, the Enable button will not show, and instead Google Cloud Pub/Sub API will be listed under Enabled APIs.

  • The Stackdriver logging service must have permission to publish to your project’s Pub/Sub service. To add the required permissions:
  1. In Google Cloud Platform, select your project and browse to gce
products services Products and Services > IAM & Admin > IAM to go to https://console.cloud.google.com/iam-admin/iam/.

  2. Assign Logs Configuration Writer permissions to your project:

    1. If the cloud-logs@system.gserviceaccount.com account is already listed under Members, ensure Logs Configuration Writer is selected under Role(s).

    2. If the cloud-logs@system.gserviceaccount.com account is not listed under Members:

      1. Click Add to add the permissions.

      2. In the dialog box, enter cloud-logs@system.gserviceaccount.com in Members to add the Google APIs service account to the permissions list.

      3. In the Select a Role dropdown, select Logging > Logs Configuration Writer and click Add.

Configuring Google Compute Engine to Export Events

After you have completed the steps from itemizedlist_title, set up your Google Compute Engine project to export events to ManageIQ with the following steps:

  1. In Google Cloud Platform, click gce products
services to show the Products and Services menu, and click Logging to go to https://console.cloud.google.com/logs/.

  2. Select your project from the top menu bar.

  3. Click Exports from the Logging menu.

  4. In the Select service list, select Compute Engine.

  5. Under Export these sources, click Add item, and select compute.googleapis.com/activity_log from the list.

  6. Under Select export destinations, click the Publish to Cloud Pub/Sub topic dropdown and click Add new topic…​

  7. In the Create Cloud Pub/Sub Topic dialog, enter manageiq-activity-log as the Name. Click Create.

    gce exports

  8. Click Save.

When changes occur to Google Compute Engine instances, ManageIQ is now notified and reports these changes as events.


For additional information about Google Compute Engine, see the Google Cloud Platform documentation:

Viewing Google Compute Engine Events in ManageIQ

In ManageIQ, view events for your Google Compute Engine project by following these steps:

  1. Browse to menu: Compute > Clouds > Providers and select your Google Compute Engine project.

  2. Click menu: Monitoring > Timelines on the provider summary page to see an events timeline for the project.