IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service (IKS) Container Provider

After initial installation and creation of a ManageIQ environment you can add an IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service Container provider.

  1. Browse to menu: Compute > Containers > Providers.

  2. Click Configuration, then click Add a New Containers Provider (Add a New Containers Provider).

  3. From the Type list, select IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service.

  4. Enter a Name for the provider.

  5. Enter the appropriate Zone for the provider. If you do not specify a zone, it is set to default.

  6. Select a Security Protocol method to specify how to authenticate the provider:

    - **SSL**: Authenticate the provider securely using a trusted
    Certificate Authority. Select this option if the provider
    has a valid SSL certificate and it is signed by a trusted
    Certificate Authority. No further configuration is required
    for this option.
    - **SSL trusting custom CA**: Authenticate the provider with a
    self-signed certificate. For this option, copy your
    provider’s CA certificate to the **Trusted CA
    Certificates** box in PEM format.
    - **SSL without validation**: Authenticate the provider
    insecurely (not recommended).
  7. Enter the Hostname and API Port of the cluster. On IBM Cloud, these values can be retrieved by accessing the Overview page for your cluster. Under Networking, click Copy link to copy the Public enabled service endpoint URL for your cluster. The URL will be copied in the following format: https://<Hostname>:<API Port> and the necessary values can be extracted.

  8. Enter your IBM Cloud API Key. For detailed instructions on how to create an IBM Cloud API key, see https://cloud.ibm.com/docs/account?topic=account-userapikey&interface=ui#create_user_key Note: The API key must belong to the IBM Cloud user that created the cluster

  9. Click Validate to confirm that ManageIQ can connect to the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service.

  10. Click Add.

Configuring Metrics Collection for IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service (IKS) Provider

  1. On IBM Cloud, create an IBM Cloud Monitoring service instance

  2. Log in to IBM Cloud CLI i.e. ibmcloud login -sso

  3. Use the following command to retrieve the monitoring instance ID: ibmcloud resource service-instance <INSTANCE_NAME> --output json | jq -r '.[].guid'

Refer to the following table to determine the hostname for the IBM Cloud Monitoring service instance:

Region Hostname
US South us-south.monitoring.cloud.ibm.com
EU DE eu-de.monitoring.cloud.ibm.com
EU GB eu-gb.monitoring.cloud.ibm.com
JP OSA jp-osa.monitoring.cloud.ibm.com
JP TOK jp-tok.monitoring.cloud.ibm.com
US East us-east.monitoring.cloud.ibm.com
AU SYD au-syd.monitoring.cloud.ibm.com
CA TOR ca-tor.monitoring.cloud.ibm.com
BR SAO br-sao.monitoring.cloud.ibm.com
  1. Enter the Hostname and Monitoring Instance ID under the Metrics tab when creating the IKS provider