Upgrading Appliances

In this example, we will update from jansa to kasparov.

  1. Ensure that the appliance is up to date on the current branch

     # dnf update
  2. Install the new manageiq-release RPM for the version that you want to upgrade to. Refer to (RPM URLs for manageiq-release) for the list of RPM URLs

     # dnf install
  3. Stop evmserverd if running

     # systemctl stop evmserverd
     # systemctl status evmserverd
  4. Update the RPMs from the new repo

     # dnf update
  5. Migrate the database

     # cd /var/www/miq/vmdb/
     # bundle exec rake db:migrate
  6. Reboot the appliance

     # reboot


RPM URLs for manageiq-release