Backport Process

Beginning with the Jansa release of ManageIQ, we will be using the following backport process. Here are the details!

  • We are adding a new label release_to_backport_to/yes?
  • Anyone can request a backport by typing @miq-bot add_label release_to_backport_to/yes? in a comment in the pull request.
  • During the triage meetings, the pull request will be evaluated for backportability.
    • The label will be set to release_to_backport_to/no if the backport should be denied for any reason.
    • The label will be set to release_to_backport_to/yes if the pull request should be backported.
  • The release_to_backport_to/no and release_to_backport_to/yes labels can only be set by those with special access.
  • When the pull request has been backported, the label will flip to release_to_backport_to/backported.