ManageIQ OpenStack Infrastructure Provider

The OpenStack infrastructure provider is designed to work with a TripleO-based OpenStack deployment. It provides visibility and management capabilities for the undercloud.


  • Scaling of the overcloud through ManageIQ
    • Function enabled through both the UI and Automate
  • Host data collection
    • Base attributes through OpenStack APIs (Ironic, Heat, Tuskar)
    • Metrics through OpenStack Ceilometer
    • OpenStack component views, detailing the status and configuration of installed OpenStack services, through host fleecing
  • Image data collection through the OpenStack Glance API

In Development

  • Exposing additional management capabilities provided by OpenStack APIs


Install a TripleO-based OpenStack deployment

The recommended way to do this can be found here:

Afterwards, you’ll need to expose the undercloud’s API endpoints:

Enable Events in the Undercloud

To enable events in the undercloud, update the following configuration files on the undercloud node:

  • /etc/heat/heat.conf
    • notification_driver=messaging
    • notification_topics=notifications
  • /etc/nova/nova.conf
    • notification_driver = messaging
    • notification_topics = notifications

Then, restart all Heat and Nova services.

Install ManageIQ
Add the TripleO-based OpenStack deployment (undercloud) to ManageIQ

Follow these steps to add a TripleO-based OpenStack deployment (undercloud) to ManageIQ

  • Go to Infrastructure -> Providers
  • Under ‘Configuration’ select ‘Add a New Infrastructure Provider’
  • In the resulting form, choose ‘OpenStack Infrastructure’ as the Type and fill in the ‘Basic Information’ and ‘Credentials’ form
    • Note that the IP Address must match the IP shown when running ‘keystone endpoint-list’ in the undercloud
Enable Host Fleecing (Optional)

Follow these steps to enable host fleecing. Note that the OpenStack infrastructure provider will still work if these steps are not run; there will simply be less information available through the ManageIQ UI.

  • Enable the SmartProxy role:
    • Go to Configure -> Configuration
    • Select SmartProxy in Server Roles, Server Control section
    • Click Save
  • Add configuration files to default host profile:
    • Go to Configure -> Configuration
    • Click on host default in Analysis profiles on the left side bar
    • Add configuration files that you want to analyze:
      • ex: /etc/*/*.conf, /etc/*/*.ini
  • Enable host fleecing with the heat-admin user:
    • Go to undercloud node
    • Get the private key from /home/stack/.ssh/id_rsa
    • In the ‘RSA KEY pair tab’ of Infra provider add heat-admin User ID and the private file from step 2
  • Enable host fleecing with the root user:
    • Go to undercloud node
    • Get the private key from /home/stack/.ssh/id_rsa
    • Switch to the stack user
      • su - stack
    • Get the IP addresses of overcloud nodes
      • . stackrc
      • nova list
    • Connect to each overcloud nodes by using heat-admin user
      • ex: ssh heat-admin@
    • Switch to root user
      • sudo -i
    • Edit .ssh/authorized_keys to allow regular login
      • sed -i ‘s/no-port-forwarding.*10” //’ .ssh/authorized_keys
    • In the ‘RSA KEY pair tab’ of Infra provider add root User ID and the private file from step 2
Add Alert and Event for Auto-Acaling through Automate (Optional)

To enable auto-scaling, follow the instructions in the ManageIQ depot.