GTL Lists

GTL stands for Grid, Table, List.

GTL are backed by the reporting subsystem.

Each GTL screen is fed by report resuts through JSON endpoint report_data. This is supposed to work statelessly however there’s some functionality that uses the session such as search, advanced search and filters.

report_data serves data comming throught the get_view method in ApplicationController. That in turn loads the appropriate report from the YAML definition stored under product/views.

Displaying of GTL data is handled by an Angular component from ui-components repository.

GTL grid in quadicon mode and the view toolbar GTL grid in quadicon mode and the view toolbar

There are 3 modes of display for the GTL component:

  • grid,
  • tile,
  • list.

User can change this in 2 different ways:

  • Configured in the app under My Settings —> Default View. These are per-user defaults.
  • View toolbar in the right corner of the screen. These are per-session settings.

GTL setting under My Setting GTL setting under My Setting

There’s a number of exceptions to the behavior:

  • VMs under a Service are always displayed as quadicons.
  • Users and Roles don’t have quadicons so they are always displayed as lists even under Tagging.
  • Policy assignment screens display GTLs as quadicons. (ref:
  • … (problably more, please, document here if you hit into some).