VmOrTemplate model documentation

TODO better description of model VmOrTemplate

Represents Virtual machines or Templates (Images in OpenStack terminology)

  • Table: vms
  • Used in: Kvm, Microsoft, Redhat, Vmware, Xen, OpenStack, Amazon
  • STI models:
    • Vm
      • VmInfra
        • VmKvm
        • VmMicrosoft
        • VmRedhat
        • VmVmware
        • VmXen
      • VmCloud
        • VmAmazon
        • VmOpenstack
    • MiqTemplate
      • TemplateInfra
        • TemplateKvm
        • TemplateMicrosoft
        • TemplateRedhat
        • TemplateVmware
        • TemplateXen
      • TemplateCloud
        • TemplateAmazon
        • TemplateOpenstack
Column Type Used in Comment
vendor string OpenStack  
format string    
version string    
name string OpenStack The name of the VM
description text    
location string    
config_xml string    
autostart string    
host_id integer   ForeignKey
last_sync_on datetime    
created_on datetime    
updated_on datetime    
storage_id integer   ForeignKey
guid string    
ems_id integer    
last_scan_on datetime    
last_scan_attempt_on datetime    
uid_ems string    
retires_on date    
retired boolean    
boot_time datetime    
tools_status string    
standby_action string    
power_state string    
state_changed_on datetime    
previous_state string    
connection_state string    
last_perf_capture_on datetime    
blackbox_exists boolean    
blackbox_validated boolean    
registered boolean    
busy boolean    
smart boolean    
memory_reserve integer    
memory_reserve_expand boolean    
memory_limit integer    
memory_shares integer    
memory_shares_level string    
cpu_reserve integer    
cpu_reserve_expand boolean    
cpu_limit integer    
cpu_shares integer    
cpu_shares_level string    
cpu_affinity string    
ems_created_on datetime    
template boolean    
evm_owner_id integer   ForeignKey
ems_ref_obj string    
miq_group_id integer   ForeignKey
linked_clone boolean    
fault_tolerance boolean    
type string   STI class
ems_ref string    
ems_cluster_id integer   ForeignKey
retirement_warn integer    
retirement_last_warn datetime    
vnc_port integer    
flavor_id integer OpenStack, Amazon ForeignKey
availability_zone_id integer OpenStack, Amazon ForeignKey
cloud boolean    
retirement_state string    
cloud_network_id integer OpenStack ForeignKey
cloud_subnet_id integer OpenStack ForeignKey
cloud_tenant_id integer OpenStack ForeignKey
raw_power_state string    
publicly_available boolean    
orchestration_stack_id integer OpenStack ForeignKey