Host model documentation

OpenstackInfra host is tied to Ironic service, allowing management and inventory collection over Ironic API.

  • Table: hosts
  • Used in: Kvm, Microsoft, Redhat, Vmware, OpenstackInfra
  • STI models:
    • HostOpenstackInfra
    • HostKvm
    • HostMicrosoft
    • HostRedhat
    • HostVmware
      • HostVmwareEsx
Column Type Used in Comment
name string OpenstackInfra Name of the host
hostname string    
ipaddress string OpenstackInfra IP address of the host
vmm_vendor string    
vmm_version string    
vmm_product string    
vmm_buildnumber string    
created_on datetime All Created on timestamp of ManageIQ object
updated_on datetime All Updated on timestamp of ManageIQ object
guid string    
ems_id integer All ForeignKey
user_assigned_os string    
power_state string OpenstackInfra Power state of the host
smart integer    
settings string    
last_perf_capture_on datetime    
uid_ems string    
connection_state string    
ssh_permit_root_login string    
ems_ref_obj string    
admin_disabled boolean    
service_tag string    
asset_tag string    
ipmi_address string OpenstackInfra IP address of IPMI interface of the host
mac_address string OpenstackInfra Mac address of the host
type string All STI class
failover boolean    
ems_ref string    
hyperthreading boolean    
ems_cluster_id integer   ForeignKey
next_available_vnc_port integer