Hardware model documentation

  • Table: hosts
  • Used in: Kvm, Microsoft, Redhat, Vmware, OpenstackInfra
Column Type Used in Comment
config_version string    
virtual_hw_version string    
guest_os string    
numvcpus integer OpenstackInfra Physical CPU count
bios string    
bios_location string    
time_sync string    
annotation text    
vm_or_template_id integer All ForeignKey
memory_cpu integer OpenstackInfra Total memory (Mb)
host_id integer All ForeignKey
cpu_speed integer   Processor speed
cpu_type string   Usually string of ‘cpu_manufacturer’, ‘cpu_model’ and ‘cpu_family’
size_on_disk integer    
manufacturer string   CPU manufacturer
model string   CPU model
number_of_nics integer    
cpu_usage integer    
memory_usage integer    
cores_per_socket integer   Cores per CPU
logical_cpus integer   Logical processor count
vmotion_enabled boolean    
disk_free_space integer    
disk_capacity integer OpenstackInfra Capacity of the disk (Gb)
guest_os_full_name string    
memory_console integer    
bitness integer    
virtualization_type string    
root_device_type string