Flavor model documentation

List available flavors and get details for a specified flavor. A flavor is a hardware configuration for a server. Each flavor is a unique combination of disk space and memory capacity.

  • Table: flavors
  • Used in: OpenStack, Amazon
  • STI models: FlavorAmazon FlavorOpenstack
Column Type Used in Comment
ems_id integer OpenStack, Amazon  
name string OpenStack, Amazon Name of the new flavor
description string OpenStack, Amazon Description of the flavor
cpus integer OpenStack, Amazon Number of vcpus
cpu_cores integer Amazon  
memory integer OpenStack, Amazon Memory size in MB
ems_ref string OpenStack, Amazon  
type string OpenStack, Amazon STI class
supports_32_bit boolean Amazon  
supports_64_bit boolean Amazon  
enabled boolean OpenStack, Amazon  
supports_hvm boolean Amazon  
supports_paravirtual boolean Amazon  
block_storage_based_only boolean Amazon