CloudSubnet model documentation

A subnet represents an IP address block that can be used for assigning IP addresses to virtual instances. Each subnet must have a CIDR and must be associated with a network. IPs can be either selected from the whole subnet CIDR, or from “allocation pools” that can be specified by the user.

A subnet can also optionally have a gateway, a list of DNS name servers, and host routes. All this information will then be pushed to instances whose interfaces are associated with the subnet.

  • Table: cloud_subnets
  • Used in: OpenStack
Column Type Used in Comment
name string OpenStack  
ems_ref string OpenStack  
ems_id integer OpenStack  
availability_zone_id integer OpenStack ForeignKey
cloud_network_id integer OpenStack ForeignKey
cidr string OpenStack Valid CIDR in the form /
status string OpenStack  
dhcp_enabled boolean OpenStack { true or false }
gateway string OpenStack Valid IP address or null
network_protocol string OpenStack IP version { ipv4 or ipv6 }