With the release of ManageIQ Ivanchuk, we are introducing new integrated provider: Microsoft Azure Stack. Integration was developed by XLAB Steampunk, a trusted Red Hat partner specialized in integrating third-party technologies with Red Hat CloudForms and Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform.

Azure Stack is an extension of Azure, Microsoft’s public cloud service. It provides the user experience of Azure, bringing the agility and fast-paced innovation of cloud computing to on-premise environments. Having Azure Stack integrated into ManageIQ enables users to transparently manage their hybrid infrastructure.

Azure Stack provider enables the following functionalities:

  • basic cloud and
  • network inventory,
  • VM power operations, provisioning of deployment templates.

Adding Azure Stack provider to ManageIQ

Log into ManageIQ and navigate to Compute > Clouds > Providers from the main navigation on the left. In the Configuration button drop-down menu select Add a New Cloud Provider and enter the information shown below.


Once the provider is successfully added into ManageIQ, it will automatically collect resources from your Azure Stack deployment and integrate them into ManageIQ inventory.


Operations allow you to start, stop or pause a virtual machine.


Azure Stack provider in ManageIQ supports provisioning based on Deployment Template. In other words, as an admin, you can paste a JSON template (e.g., one of these templates to ManageIQ and offer it as an orderable Service Catalog Item to your customers. The provider creates the initial Service Dialog automatically based on “parameters” section of the template, but you can customize it to your liking using standard ManageIQ functionalities. See the teaser screenshot below:

Download the latest Ivanchuk release of ManageIQ and connect your Microsoft Azure Stack to test the provider yourself.

To find out more about the provider, get in touch with XLAB Steampunk at steampunk@xlab.si.