As a CloudForms user, do you ever get frustrated, wondering which button to click on or how to get to your selected location?

If your answer to any of these or similar questions is yes, then let me tell you that your life is going to get easier. Why does CloudForms need to be that complicated? The truth is that it doesn’t and we (with your help) are working on it. Have you already noticed any design changes in CloudForms? Has your menu changed or some reports make more sense now? Sometimes small and at first sight irrelevant changes can bring you peace of mind without you even noticing it. We are working on getting rid of all the unnecessary steps in your workflow to let you just focus on your tasks. We are eliminating painful illogical constraints, unnecessary information inputs and more, to reduce questions like which button to click on. Our job may be invisible but that means that we are doing it right.

Who are we?