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Embedded Ansible — Part 3, Ansible in an Automation Workflow

Part one of this series described the functionality for using built-in roles to perform tasks with Ansible playbooks rather than Ruby methods in Fine. Part two of this series looked at how host lists and input parameters can be passed to embedded Ansible playbook services and methods. This article will discuss how a playbook method can form part of a larger automation workflow by interacting with the ManageIQ Automate workspace.

ManageIQ Authentication Overview

This blog post provides a high level overview of the ways ManageIQ Authentication can be configured. It also gives a brief summary of the steps used to configure them.

Troubleshooting ManageIQ Authentication

The goal of this blog post is to provide a basic understanding of:

  1. ManageIQ authentication configurations
  2. How to troubleshoot the technologies supporting ManageIQ authentication.
  3. What to provide to engineering when an irresolvable ManageIQ authentication issue is encountered.

API Contributor's Guide

The API has been growing quickly thanks to our many contributors. In an effort to help new contributors get up to speed quickly, it was about time for a blog post to explain the process of adding in a new collection and subcollection, as well as provide some examples for commonly asked questions.

Hawkular Alerts in ManageIQ

Note: Hawkular was deprecated as of December 18th, 2017. New releases of ManageIQ won’t include support for Hawkular as a Middleware Provider.