I have the pleasure of announcing that the ManageIQ community has forked and will be maintaining the RbVmomi gem as rbvmomi2. RbVmomi is a Ruby SDK for the VMware vSphere Web Services API which allows users to manage their virtual infrastructure.

Up until this point RbVmomi has been managed by VMware as a community supported project, but due to a lack of Ruby maintainers it has since been archived [ref].

The ManageIQ community is picking up where VMware left off and will be providing security updates, bug fixes, and updates for new versions of VMware vSphere in a timely manner.

Initially the gem maintainers will be Adam Grare and Jason Frey. The ManageIQ project has been using RbVmomi for its VMware vSphere provider manageiq-providers-vmware for years. Jason is a staple of the Ruby and Rails communities, and Adam has been an active contributor to RbVmomi since 2016.

The gem is available from rubygems at https://rubygems.org/gems/rbvmomi2. If you are currently using RbVmomi you will need to update your Gemfile or gemspec and replace rbvmomi with rbvmomi2.

The new repository is https://github.com/ManageIQ/rbvmomi2; as always we encourage the community to open issues and contribute code and ideas. If you are interested in contributing, check out https://github.com/ManageIQ/rbvmomi/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md and open an Issue or Pull Request, or just discuss something in the RbVmomi Gitter room.

If you’re new to ManageIQ, welcome! Come check out https://manageiq.org, see the source code and chat with us in the ManageIQ Gitter room !

Thanks, ManageIQ Team