The first beta release of ManageIQ Morphy is here! We’ve been working hard and have a lot of new features you can see in the roadmap. Here are the major highlights for this new release:

New Providers!

New Kubernetes Providers!

New support for Cloud Databases

Provider Enhancements

  • IBM Cloud VPC
    • Event Collection support
    • Targeted Refresh for VMs, Templates, and Flavors
    • Create/Delete of Networks, Subnets, and Volumes
    • Collection of Cloud Volume Types
    • Link Availability Zone to Cloud Subnets
    • Link Floating IPs to Instances
    • Provision VMs from Images/Templates
    • Delete VMs
  • IBM Cloud PowerVS
    • Targeted Refresh
    • Reporting on virtual columns for Power related attributes
    • Reporting templates for PowerVS/PowerVC
  • IBM PowerVC
    • New dedicated provider!
    • Collection of Cloud Volume Types
    • Support software license fields during provisioning
  • Kyndryl AutoSDE
    • Predefined roles
    • Edit Storage Device attributes
    • Configure a Volume for Expansion
    • Validation check for CHAP Username and Secret together
    • Creation of multiple volumes in a single view/click
    • Edit Volume Mappings
    • Cross link between Cloud Volume and Host Initiator
    • Creation of host initiator with multiple WWPN for FC port
  • VMware vSphere
    • Add support for 7.0U3
  • Google Cloud
    • [Performance] Stop collecting deprecated images by default


  • [Embedded Ansible] Configurable verify_ssl for git repositories
  • [Appliances] Move from CentOS 8 to CentOS 8 Stream
  • [Installation] Gracefully handle installation with non-superuser PostgreSQL account
  • [Performance] Improved database migration speed


  • Throttle API requests
  • Allow filtering ‘=’ via arrays


  • Add provider connection status errors to provider dashboard
  • Add ability to edit physical storage properties
  • Automation/Configuration menu reorganization

This release also included a lot of cleanup and refactoring, especially on the UI side, with many new screens being rewritten in React and using the Carbon UI framework for a cleaner look and better accessibility.

Many thanks go to all of the contributors for all of their enhancements and bug fixes.

You can download the Morphy-1-Beta1 release here.

For questions or support, join in on the talk page.