ManageIQ Ivanchuk-7 and Jansa-1 RC2 are now available. These releases are primarily security fix releases, after extensive security testing. Many thanks goes to the IBM Security team for finding and reporting these vulnerabilities.

Security Issues

Critical severity

High severity

Moderate severity

Other notable changes




Here are the changes (since Ivanchuk-6) per affected repository in GitHub:

Jansa-1 RC2


  • Call column_type on parsed field to get the actual column type (#20398)
  • [API] Updated the API to return nil virtual attributes and associations (manageiq-api#875)
  • [Amazon Provider] Update volume_id fetching for volume modification events (manageiq-providers-amazon#639)

Here are the changes (since Jansa-1 RC1) per affected repository in GitHub:

You can download the Ivanchuk-7 and Jansa-1 RC2 releases here.

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