The first beta release of ManageIQ Jansa is here! It has a bunch of interesting new stuff that you can see in the roadmap. When we announced Jansa Alpha, we highlighted Podification and VMware VimBroker Removal. Today, I want to draw your attention to other enhancements included in the Jansa Beta release.

Builds and Installation

  • Switch to RPM-based builds means that the ManageIQ builds are created from exactly the same components, to be included in multiple flavors of builds - appliance and podified
  • Because ManageIQ now leverages RPMs, going forward, you should be able to pull in updates via the yum update command
  • Created ManageIQ Operator to deploy ManageIQ on Kubernetes and OpenShift

Dependencies and Componentry



You can download the Jansa Beta (jansa-1-beta1) release here.

Since this is a beta release, we do expect a short period of stabilization before we release the GA version. Please try it and let us know of any issues you encounter to help us squash any remaining bugs. We are so proud of this release and looking forward to making it generally available soon!

Thanks again to everyone who keeps working on making ManageIQ better!

For questions, comments or support, please chime in on Gitter or the Talk Forum, or open an issue.

Thanks, @chessbyte