We have built Ivanchuk-5. This release contains bug fixes, UI tweaks, and stabilization. Here are just some of the things added since the Ivanchuk-4 release:


  • [V2V] Add VMware host credentials check to migration preflight check (#19882)
  • [V2V] Preflight check: verify if a VM with same name already exists in destination (#19911)
  • [V2V] Allow selecting a VMware host IP address for VM transformation (#19954)
  • Allow a * glob within a file path in a SmartState Analysis profile (#20025)
  • Make GuestDevice taggable (#19549)


  • Unable to retire a VM via REST API (#19855) and (manageiq-api/#743)
  • Add display name for OpenStack Cinder Manager (#19909)
  • Add CloudTenant relationship in VM class (#19914)
  • Embedded Ansible should handle Playbooks with git submodules #(19939) and (#19959)
  • [V2V] Do not wait for VM IP address if no Ansible playbook will run (#19979)
  • Incorrect timezone shown in the Data View of a saved report (#19285)

You can download the Ivanchuk-5 release here.

Here are the changes (since Ivanchuk-4) per affected repository in GitHub:

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