Your experience matters and we are aware of it.

At the moment, the UXD team is working on a design upgrade for the Expression Editor. Some of you may know it as an Advance Search that uses categories and operators in order to create an individualized query.

How would you define your experience with the Expression Editor? Do you consider it to be a rather fine part of the task achievement or on the contrary?

We highly appreciate your opinion on usability, technical features and the logical structure of the entire editor. Therefore, the UXD team has prepared this short questionnaire to gather your valuable feedback and identify the principal pain points that are time-consuming and nerve-wracking.

Please, help us make ManageIQ better!

UXD team

Our UXD team is working very hard to make ManageIQ more user-friendly. Naturally, the complexity of ManageIQ and the number of designers working on it do not allow us to change it all at once. However, you might have noticed some small design adjustments, continuous improvement of forms, easier completion of tasks, visually pleasing environment and a lot more. We are trying to make it more comprehensible and coherent using basic logic, PatternFly design system, and user-feedback.