The results of the poll on the name of the J release are in. Vlastimil Jansa is the winner! Looking forward to all the exciting features that will come in the Jansa release. Thanks to all that voted - we had 69 total votes for the J-Release.

The following table shows the final vote tally.

Name % of Votes
Vlastimil Jansa 45%
Gawain Jones 29%
Krzysztof Jakubowski 10%
Leif Erlend Johannessen 9%
Dmitry Jakovenko 7%

Now a little background information on our winner:

Jansa, Vlastimil Peak rating 2540 (July 1975) Jansa is from the Czech Rebublic and learned chess while in the hospital at the age of eight. At fourteen, he became the youth champion of Prague. A deep and original thinker, Jansa has been one of the Czech Republic’s leading players for many years, collecting experience across a range of chess activities.