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While we close in on the Ivanchuk release, it’s time to think about what we’ll name the J-Release. In keeping with our nomenclature of using chess grandmasters and world champions as release names, here are the proposed names for the J-Release, as well as some interesting background data:

  • Jakovenko, Dmitry Peak rating 2760 (January 2009) Jakovenko is a Russian chess player. He learned how to play from his father at the age of three years and was later coached by Garry Kasparov’s former trainer Alexander Nikitin. In the July 2009 FIDE world rankings Jakovenko became the fifth highest rated chess player in the world and overtook Vladimir Kramnik as the number one Russian.
  • Jakubowski, Krzysztof Peak rating 2565 (January 2015) Jakubowski is a Polish chess player. He has won multiple medals at the Junior Chess Championships in Poland: silver in 1993 (U10), 2002 (U20), bronze in 1995 (U12), 2000 (U18), 2001 (U18). He also won medals in the Polish Junior Team Chess Championship and Polish Junior Rapid Chess Championship.
  • Jansa, Vlastimil Peak rating 2540 (July 1975) Jansa is from the Czech Rebublic and learned chess while in the hospital at the age of eight. At fourteen, he became the youth champion of Prague. A deep and original thinker, Jansa has been one of the Czech Republic’s leading players for many years, collecting experience across a range of chess activities.
  • Johannessen, Leif Erlend Peak Rating 2564 (October 2005) Johannessen is a Norwegian chess player, and Norway’s fifth grandmaster. He received his title in 2002, and was at the time Norway’s second youngest grandmaster of all time. He picked up his first norm in Oslo, the second at Bermuda and finally the third in the Sigeman tournament in Malmö.
  • Jones, Gawain Peak rating 2702 (May 2019) Jones is a British chess player and began playing at the age of four, competing in his first tournaments at six. In early 1997 he hit the headlines and was featured on the front page of The Guardian newspaper when he became the youngest player in the world ever to beat an International Master in an official tournament game.

You are welcome to write in any player you want (as long as their last name starts with the letter J) by replying to the topic with your choice. Here are the top 100 active players and all grandmasters - past and present.

Votes entered by Friday, August 09 will be tallied and the name will be announced on Monday, August 12.