This is the May celebration of our 95 pull requests merged by 27 people, of which of course, you too could be one, unless you already are quite that fortunate:

First, go roll

  1. You learn that you have stolen your body from its rightful owner.
    However, your greatest accomplishment this month was adding feature detection for selecting AZs for cloud volumes.
  2. Before reading each sentence, you must utter out loud the following: “This probably won’t work.”
    You managed to allow ssh auth for RHV this month.
  3. Any attempt to read your mind reveals an absolute void.
    You added migration analytics reports.
  4. Any attempt to use rope inspires you to hang yourself.
    You updated VmdbDatabase::Seeding.seed_self error handling.
  5. You have no appetite for food save your own heart.
    You tested that actual unmocked seed won’t throw in EvmDatabase spec.
  6. You recently took an inviolable vow but can’t quite remember what it was.
    You created a new method for getting the instance without the domain prefix.
  7. You recite that bit from Macbeth whenever you hold a dagger.
    You moved ‘region’ and ‘zone’ product features out of Main Configuration.
  8. You teleport to the site of the most recent state execution to discover that the body looks disturbingly like you.
    You made MiqProductFeature seeding pluggable.
  9. Your attempts at code review yield sanity-damaging visions.
    You fixed typos in MiqReport#import_export.rb.
  10. You demand that people call you Ishmael.
    You moved authentication configuration to authselect in place of authconfig.
  11. You and the nearest least intelligent weapon exchange personalities.
    You added currency to service templates.
  12. You compulsively horde some kind of small, worthless item.
    You made a change to use the released version of manageiq-messaging on Hammer.
  13. Every time you stand, you must beg someone nearby not to kill you.
    You fixed .validate_free_space target.
  14. You are the second worst liar in the history of intelligent discourse. (Everyone knows who the worst is.)
    You removed a spec with false premise.
  15. You realize that life is a simulation and you’re soaking in a vat as a subject of the next harvest.
    You made a change to honor storage_file_collection_time_utc setting.
  16. You dream each night of being painfully turned inside out.
    You made a change to use JSON format for extra vars in the V2V conversion host.
  17. You find a trumpet that, if blown, may herald the End Times.
    You made a change to save unsaved changes before locking.
  18. You discover a book detailing your complete and excruciatingly painful vivisection.
    You renamed Configuration feature to Main Configuration.
  19. Your most recently acquired superpower is making people lose the item they’re currently carrying.
    You decided to sort our locale/*yml when adding to i18n.load_path.
  20. Whenever you teleport, you experience profound, unredeemable remorse that makes you lose 3d4 hit points.
    You allowed textarea boxes to dynamically set validator type and rule.