Last Month in MIQ is a column about code and code things: everything code, except actual code.

We’re working on our ruby update, which is super-cool.

It’s time to speak about unspeakable :ghost: atrocities from the fifth edition. Or February. Or both February and edition five.

We got rid of vmdb_database attributes from VmdbDatabaseConnection.

You all get points for not a one of you noticing that there was no post last month, nor the month before that. Very observant crowd.

Floating IPs are now available for reporting.

So next time you catch yourself wondering what questions they will ask you as they snicker about how horrible this all is, remind yourself that you are a chump. A mighty, convicted chump, with fruit snacks, and a better and perhaps only slightly sophomoric understanding of the unspeakable atrocities from the fifth edition.