1. We no longer start another refresh worker while another is stopping. If you are still reading this, please continue to 2.

2. We dropped the MiqEnterprise#is_enterprise? method. Go to 3.

3. If you remove references to MiqPassword, go to 4. If you instead add Volume Resizing capability to SupportsFeatureMixin, go to 4.

4. Go to 5. Yes. You’re right. There is no 5. This is a world in which there is no 5. If you manage to battle your existential crisis brought on by the lack of 5, continue to 6. If you don’t, please go to 10.

6. Go to 7. Or go back to 1. Either way you will end up at 7.

7. Please go to 6. Unless you’d like to look at the new Rbac virtual attributes change and also go to 6. It doesn’t make much difference.

11. You lost. I’m not sure how you ended up here. Clearly you’re unable to follow directions. Please re-evaluate your life choices and next time follow the instructions better. Go to 5, but not before seeing that we’re now adding report interval date and report generation to Chargeback reports.

8. Please go to 9 and see that we’ve refactored the MiqTask#generic_action_with_callback method.

9. Do not pass go. Do not collect two hundred dollars. Look at the new region checking for all user schedules. But do please feel free to continue onto 10.

10. Please go back to 4.